Since the age of 14 I'm playing the great game of golf. Till now the faszination and excitement of this sport comes along my way over and over again. After a shy start in 1998 I developed myself very fast, qualified for the ‘Austrian Mens National Team’ in 2003, went on to play on Alps Tour as a professional just 2 years later and finally got through to Challenge Tour in 2005. There was only one shot missing to qualify in less the ten years for European Tour in 2008! To play for Austria in the Omega Mission Hills World Cup 2011 was an honor and my personal highlight! Here you can find a short look back through my life as a golfer….



  • 27. May 1984
  • 188cm, 79kg
  • single
  • Graz, Austria


2nd place at Qingdao Golf Open 2006 & Allianz Open de Bretagne (CT)



Ralph Hagen, Fredrik Jendelid and Tobias Schmied



Golfclub Murhof, a great place for golf, wellness and food! Book a ‘Tee Time’ here…




as Amateur

At the age of 14 I started my journey in the world of golf at Golfclub Murtal during a golf summer camp by Ralph Hagen. A little bit more than 2 years later I already could call myself "Club Champion" and was on my way to get on of best players of styria. Good mobility from other sports made it easy for me to develop my game quick and claim the first national wins in 2003. Just a few month later, I got the possibility to play in the Austrian Men's National Team for the following 2 years. I was energized by my achievements and excited about international tournaments. It was an honor for me to play those events, and especially to be part of the "European Team Championship in 2005". During the year I knew already that it might be the closing year for my amateur career, as I had a full permission to play on Alps Tour 2005 already as an amateur. During the year I could play some of those events, felts pretty strong enough to compete out there scoring the "Leading Amateur Title" for a total of 5 times. It time to become a professional golfer and make out of my hobby more than just a game.




GEPA-06051481123on Alps Tour

I turned pro in September 2005 with a handicap of +3 being top 3 of amateur ranking in Austria. To reach the eligibility to play on Alps Tour again was first successful mission: the perfect boost for my professinal rookie year. In my first national event on Alps Tour in 2006 season I shot the perfect stroke, holing out for an ALBATROS on the last hole of the the tournament, the final Par 5 on Golfresort Waidhofen course. Luckily a national broadcast TV team was right there and filmed the best iron 4 of my life. I finished 6th this week which was my best result these days as a professional. The whole year was running well with a 10th position in final ranking. In the following year 2007 I finished 10 times inside the top 10 out of 19 tournamnets. It was a great season and the result of consequent work with Ralph Hagen, Gordon Manson and the National Golf Team. With 2nd place in the 2007 Alps Tour Order of Merit I got the eligibility to play on Europenan Challenge Tour for 2008 season. There wasn't victory yet, but I was sure it will be just a matter of time. Heading to Europenan Tour Q-School in the same year, I could qualify for Final Stage in San Roque Club and play for my Europenan Tour Card till last round, gaining category 14 on Main Tour.

GEPA-19061381188on Challenge Tour

Since 2008 I am playing on Europenan Challenge Tour which is stepping stone to the Europenan Tour. My game was improving well and the work I spend together with Fred Jendelid and Anders Forsbrand, coaching the Austrian National Golf Team, paid off. At that time I was playing for the Golfclub FONTANA beside Austrian's No. 1 player Markus Brier. All those circumstances, the work with my coach Ralph Hagen and my focus to improve created a successful start on Europenan Challenge Tour and 28th place in the Final Order of Merit in 2009. Sofar it was my best season and the closest I have been to qualify for Main Tour. Over 3 years I had already the eligibility to play there as well, but was not able to get a full card, missed it 2009 just by one shot at Final Stage of European Tour Q-School. A result of 423 shots (5 under par) should not be enough after 6 hard tournament days at PGA Golf de Catalunya. At the beginning of season 2011 I was able to almost win my first international big tournament in France. Only Philip Archer was one shot better than me in the week of ALLIANZ Open Cotes d'Armor 2011. I started into the tournament with two rounds of 65 shots, which gave me a 4 shot halfway lead, but a 69 on the moving day was not enough. Philip shot a great 61 and I had to challenge again in final round. Finally I become 2nd under rainy stormy conditions. Together with Florian Prägant I had the possibility to represent Austria and play the Qualifyer for the OMEGA MISSION HILLS WORLD CUP 2011.  Both of us were ranked around 400th place in the World Golf Ranking and we realized our chance. A score of 24 under par brought us the victory and a ticket for the OMEGA MISSION HILLS WORLD CUP. It was such an amazing week and we where holding the Austrian flag high. At the main event in Haikou in China we finally become 20th. Beside great memories we realized how less the differences are to the top players of the world. Especially the first day, where we played with Justin Rose and Ian Poulter, was probably one of the most exciting days of my professional career. In the same year I moved to Graz and was lucky to get attached by Golfclub Murhof, which is the No.1 address for golf in Styria and such a great place to practice and play. I am really pleased to be a member of the team there. It is a pleasue to use all the great facilities, delicious food, relax & wellness, a challenging golfcourse and the feeling to be like home out there ...  




Omega Mission Hills Wordcup 2011




Career records: * Lowest round: 60 * Lowest score: 21 under * Lowest putts per round: 23 * Longest holed shot: 223m * Most birdies in a row: 5




Best Results

...on Alps Tour

"Alps Tour is a 3rd level tour in Europe! Best position in final Order of Merit: 2nd" (2007)


- 2nd Gösser Open 2011

- 2nd Schärding Baroque Open 2007

- 2nd Maremma Int- Cordial Open 2007

- 2nd Sestriere Int. Open 2007

- 3rd Gösser Open 2007

- 3rd UNIQA FinanceLife Styrian Open 2006

- 3rd Masters Dijon Bourgogne 2006

- 4th Volturno Int. Open 2007

- 5th AGF-Allianz de la Mirabelle d'Or 2007

- 5th Open de Neuchatel 2007

- 5th Open Int. de la Mirabelle D'Or 2006

- 6th Open La Margherita 2007

- 6th Trophee Maroc Telecom 2007

- 6th Golfresort Waidhofen-Open 2006 (Albatros)

- 7th Open Int. du Haut Poitou 2007

- 7th Open le Madonie 2006

- 8th Open le Fronde 2006

...on Challange Tour

"Since 2008 I`m competing to get my card on Main Tour! Best position in Order of Merit: 28th" (2009)

- 2nd Qingdao Golf Open 2008
- 2nd  Open de Cotes d'Armor 2011

- 2nd Qingdao Golf Open 2008

- 4th Credit Suisse Challenge 2009

- 4th European Q-Tour School (STAGE 2)

- 5th Kärnten Golf Open 2010

- 5th The Princess 2009

- 5th AGF-Allianz Golf Open Toulouse 2008

- 6th AGF Golf Open Toulouse 2009

- 8th Fred Olson Challenge 2013

- 8th Credit Suisse Challenge 2012

- 9th Mugello Tuscany Open 2012

- 9th Norwegian Challenge 2011


on European Tour:  

20th Omega Mission Hills World Cup 2011

40th Austrian Open by Lyoness 2013


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